Jayne Behman

I achieved my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1972 from the University of California at Los Angeles. Currently I am a graduate student in Fine Arts - Abstract/Realism at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

I have been painting, sculpting, and working in glass throughout these many years, feeling very fortunate to have received positive recognition along with financial success. My work is collected worldwide and commissioned on a regular basis. My paintings and glass are exhibited at many fine art galleries and I am continually seeking further representation.

Working figurative and abstract, flat and sculptural, two dimensional and three dimensional, my work reflects a long history of mark making and risk taking. What media do I like best? There is no answer. Picasso worked with ceramics and weavings, Matisse loved collage. I enjoy all media and continue to explore new products and applications.

My paintings about the Paint, it's movement and how color combinations play against each other.Every mark made offers a cause and affect balance system. Abstraction, regardless of how non-objective it is perceived, has defined conscious form. I take risks combining media to obtain a surface beyond the ordinary and marks that create an expansion beyond the working surface..

Working with glass brings out my whimsical side. It has also opened up a world of molten color that is carried over into my paintings. Besides my sculptures, paintings and glass, I have designed and had fabricated many steel sculptures. Recently I have been intrigued with fiber-arts and have taken up working with fabrics often times ripping them up and re-combining them into soft sculptures and wearable Art. The contrast is between warm and cool in products is evident in the final presentation of all my work. . 

In Morro Bay as well as in Palm Springs, California, I have been instrumental in developing and executing public art projects. In Morro Bay I organized and participated in the "Art Can" public project, executed several murals in Palm Springs, and selected by Cottage Hospital in Santa Barbara for a mural and glass installation.

Organizing and administering the only private full time school of the arts and a non profit organization that fundraised to provide the arts at public elementary schools, I have mentored adults and children over the past 15 years touching the lives of thousands. My book, ART MATTERS, a visual arts curriculum for grades 1 through 5 is published and available for purchase.

A weekly columnist for several years for SloCoastJournal, the Bay News, and other publications, my columns, are enjoyed by a large readership. I also offer a monthly newsletter to Artists that gives technical painting information as well as marketing hints. Art is a business. You can read my articles on my blog.

Google me. Enjoy my art. Visit my blog at http://jaynebehman.blogspot.com. If you are in my town, please come visit my Baywood, California seaside studio..